Wednesday, April 12, 2006

When Pigs Fly

I'm sure you have all heard that scientists are now messing around with Pigs so that we can have genetically engineered healthy bacon.
Being a vegetarian I really wish these nut balls could find better use of their time and money. I don't really want to post about the science of better bacon. Today's topic is about Pigs and aviation.
Did you know that John Steinbeck used a winged pig that he called Pigasus in his signature and his exlibris? Michael Quinion states that the phrase "when pigs fly" seems to have been a traditional Scottish proverb, which was first written down in 1586 in an edition of John Withal's English-Latin dictionary for children. Check out Wikipedia for more fun flying pig facts.

To grab up some flying pig gear head on over to Cafe Press. We have posted a couple of our favorites here.

Flying Pig Infant Creeper


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