Saturday, August 19, 2006


Insects give most people the creeps. Roaches, spiders, and beetles are enough to make people run in the opposite direction. But for some reason, this same sentiment is not shared with ladybugs. Maybe its because of their cute name, or colorful red and black polka-dotted shell, or the fact that they are harmless to humans. But whatever the reason, ladybugs are seen by many people as cute, not scary like other bugs. But did you know that ladybugs are actually a type of beetle? In fact, scientists generally refer to ladybugs as "lady beetles." Check out some cool, non-creepy ladybug gear below:

Cocoa Ladybugs Mug

Ladybugs and Flowers Mug

Ladybug Dreams

LadyBugs Tile Coaster

Ladybug Fairy Tote

Ladybug Mug


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