Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Did you know there are between 16 and 19 varieties of Penguins? The exact number is still being debated today. Contrary to popular belief, not all Penguins live in bitterly cold climates. In fact, a few species live in the tropics. Most of the larger species, such as the Emperor Penguin, which averages 3.6 feet, live in colder climates, while smaller species live in warmer areas. Penguins are one species that many people believe exhibit proof that animals feel emotion. When a mother Penguin loses a chick, due to harsh conditions or predators, she will often try to steal a chick away from another Penguin mother. Scientists who have studied this behavior believe that its is not an instinctual response, but rather an emotional response to losing its young. Penguins took a spotlight in Hollywood in 2005, after the documentary March of the Penguins was released and won an Oscar.

Penguinardo da Fishy

Antarctic Under

Northern Lights Penguins

P is for Penguin Mug


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